Bypassing a Car Transponder Key

There is a large variety of reasons you might need to bypass the transponder functionality of common car keys. Say you dropped your keys in water and the transponder functionality doesn’t work anymore, or maybe you’ve lost your keys and don’t have the time to go get a new key because you need to be somewhere right away, and you grew up in a rough neighborhood so you happen to know how to hot wire a car, but I mean you’d never use it on anyone’s car but your own, and – well, anyway, you need to bypass the transponder. Auto Locksmith: Transponder Keys (the trouble is that this is nearly impossible), as the transponder system is integrated at a very deep level into the car security and ignition system.

However, if your issue is that you have a broken key to your car with the body of the key still intact, you can simply have a copy of the key made by any old locksmith so that it fits properly into your car’s ignition keyhole, and then touch the broken key to the copied simple key. This will allow the ignition system to talk to the transponder despite the transponder being attached to a different key, enabling your car to start.

There are a variety of ways on the internet advertising means of bypassing transponder keys. We recommend not trying these! They can leave you with a completely unresponsive car security system, preventing your car from starting entirely. This is a much more expensive problem than a lost key (and calling a taxi if you really need it), so your best bet is almost certainly just to grit your teeth and fork over the hundred bucks to a dealer for a new transponder key. It sucks, but that’s life.

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