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The Work Of The Small Town Lawyer

February 27th, 2017 / Tags: / categories: Legal /

A small town lawyer works hard to make ends meet and is often more in line with the regular folks that would be a city lawyer. For sure, it’s the small town atmosphere that makes the difference. Everyone knows everyone, and that includes the lawyers. The most prominent ones will have offices downtown. Don’t get me wrong, the position does come with prestige, and lawyers are well renowned in small-town communities.

They are often present in many local functions and often serve the community in many other ways. Of course, much of that would be a stereotype, yet many fit the mold, including the one I interviewed when I was in high school for a journalism class. The small town was Mayfield, Kentucky, and folks, it doesn’t get more small town than that. The small town lawyerlawyer’s name was Gayle Robbins, a well-respected attorney in the area, and I was interviewing him because of his brother’s death.

His brother was a country music songwriter who wrote many famous songs. It was an interesting experience for me because, at 16, I had never been in a lawyer’s office before. It’s not as most people are out hiring a lawyer every day either. When was the last time you did? Do you live in a small town? This small town lawyer I met made such a big impression on me that I got in touch with him a decade later to tell him just that.

It was the biggest story I covered, albeit in high school, but it was up for an award that year. That was my experience meeting a small town lawyer that worked out of a downtown office. If you take what I said and the description earlier, they match what you would typically see in a movie. Times are changing, though, even for small towns, and technology is driving things forward.

Just like the small town mom and pop stores and such aren’t often able to make it anymore, what’s going to happen to small town lawyers? It’s quite the different industry, but you just never know. Are they thriving in your area? Do they represent what was depicted earlier?

The city I live in now doesn’t quite qualify. However, small town, long time Main Street businesses of all kinds have been going up in smoke. For example, in the last small town I lived, and this was just about five years ago, the longtime downtown printing company went out of business.

No doubt local lawyers will be needed in small towns, but are they all going to end up being corporate transplants? That is certainly a possibility it would seem the way things are going. That’s a shame because the way small-town lawyers are now and how they once were is a part of the culture of small-town America that is still left, somewhat. It’s pretty bad when you have to count on the lawyers to do that for you. In all seriousness, that was just a lawyer joke, and let’s hope those small-town lawyers are here to stay.

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