Termite infections are unsafe for a house as it can badly damage the valuables of the house. Even the structure of the house could be damaged without the awareness of its inhabitants. This is the danger of a termite attack. If you spot termites in any place of your house, it means there is an impending danger to your house. You would need to act fast and destroy the termites before they destroy your house and put you into deep financial trouble in the process. There are termite control solutions that you could prepare on your own, or consult a professional and get their advice on termite control methods.
Identifying the type of termite is the first task in finding solutions to control the termites in a house. There are many types of termites in a house such as Subterranean, Formosan, Dry wood etc. Dry wood and subterranean are the common type of termites destroying wooden things in houses. Formosan termites are extremely rare and found mostly in Asian countries. Once you have identified the type of termite, it is easy to find solutions to eradicate the menace.
Dry wood termite infections are more common in damages to wooden window structure and window sills. Subterranean termite infections could be identified with damages to tubes, tunnels, walls of basements and underground areas and also mud areas. Termite solutions are available in the market according to the termite breed. Fumigation, liquid treatments, termite baits and borate termite treatment are some of the most common methods in this regard.
Liquid treatments are some of the oldest methods of controlling the termite population in a house. The solution is poured into the cracks of the walls, grounds etc. This method is safe and fast when done the correct way. You will need to wear all protective equipment before dealing with the liquid solution as it could be poisonous to humans.
Termites baits consist of plastic stakes that are inserted into various points of the infested areas in a house. This method will work slowly in controlling the termite population of a house. The borate method is quite effective in destroying termites effectively. Sodium borate is mixed with water and applied to the wooden surfaces of a house. This method is effective in killing termites quite effectively. Fumigation should be done by a qualified professional. It is also one of the most effective termite control solutions available today.

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