It’s not a secret that pipes break, sinks clog and toilets overflow. Even though such events are rather rare, they have to be treated as emergencies. This means you have to call a plumber as fast as possible. Moreover, it has to be an emergency plumber, as you need him to come over within the shortest possible time. If you don’t have the number of such a service, you should try to find one, in case you are going to need it. The funny thing is that most people are aware of the problems stale water may cause to furniture, carpets, floors, and walls, and yet ignore the need of emergency plumbingknowing a good plumber to call in such emergency plumbing situations.

If this is you, the first thing you should do is to stop the water supply. If you don’t know where the main valve is, you are going to be sorry, as your whole house is going to be flooded. People who live in apartment buildings should contact the building manager to shut down the water and perhaps to contact a good plumber to come and fix the problem. Don’t call your landlord first, especially if he doesn’t live in the same building with you. Call someone who can act fast, as it is in your best interest that the water supply is cut before you destroy all apartments below yours.

After you manage to call a plumber or the building manager, you have to contact your insurance agent to come for an evaluation of the damage. This isn’t as urgent as stopping the water flow, but it should also be done quickly.

Once you’ve been through this disaster once, you should save the plumber’s number in your agenda. You should also memorize where the main valve is and what needs to be done to turn off the water.

Generally speaking, whenever you notice a problem, try to sort it out before it becomes an emergency. Don’t allow faucets and pipes to leak. Ancient Chinese believed this was detrimental to your family’s wealth, as leaking water symbolizes money going down the drain. If you want, you can have a plumber inspect your systems once every few years, just to make sure you prevent accidents from occurring.

Even so, you won’t be able to eliminate the risk of a toilet overflow, as they usually don’t send any warning signals. When it happens, you are going to know it instantly. Your senses will be challenged, as that kind of water isn’t necessarily clean. It’s in your best interest to have the number of the emergency plumber handy. Moreover, it would be a very good idea to choose one of the plumbing services in your neighborhood. This will enable them to come faster, as they won’t have to cross the city to get to you.

Last but not least, you shouldn’t attempt to repair your plumbing systems by yourself. You risk doing more harm than good while getting yourself injured in the process.

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