Why Traditional SEO Does Not Work

Throwing up a ton of links to your website used to be the way to game the system and get your website listed in the search engines. The problem is this does not work anymore and their are several reasons why this does not work. Here are some of the top reasons why the traditional method of SEO no longer works right and what changes you need to make to your SEO plan to avoid them.

Article directories or as some people have called them SPAM directories took a massive hit on their traffic. In fact  this hit was so large that some of the article directories that used to be considered some of the largest on the Internet had to shut down. Andrew Riedel stressed; the best part is the article directories still work for people, but only if they are used right and on topic. So when people are trying to game the system by getting back links from articles that do not make sense, they are actually going to hurt their rankings more.

Blog commenting is another feature of the back linking that is no longer working as well. Yes, the blog comments do help in the rankings, but they have to be on topic and related to the site. For example, the blogs have to be related in topics. A dog blog would provide a perfect link for a dog website, but a poor link for a website on education.

Having a chance to build up a website in the search engines has become a lot more challenging. As a lot of people have found the traditional approach of SEO is no longer working. Instead, people need to find the happy medium for how they can still perform SEO, and maybe consider hiring a modern website optimisation expert and not be penalized for using the traditional methods that they were taught.

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