Child Care Centres

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While it may seem that leaving your child alone is not the best for their well being, the complete opposite is true. Child care centres have been around for centuries, and within them children learn many important lessons, preparing them for the real world. This is why many women choose Kinder Cottage to enlist their services, even when they work from home.

The ability for children to come together, learning about the diversity of others, is very important for their development. This will, of course, happen in the first year of school, but having it happen within the earlier formative years gives a boost to a child’s ability to socialize. This can then carry over to other interactions in life, helping a child grow in a way that enables them towards success.

While we try to teach children to share in the home, they don’t always understand that sharing is universal. Instead, children often see interactions with their parents in a different light than interactions with anyone else. This is due to the strong bond between parents and their children. This can also be attributed to a lack of exposure to different ideas.

Kinder CottageWhen a child is in a situation where they are with many children, away from their family, they learn the rules that apply to society as a whole. They learn that sharing works with people outside of their family and that it can help them create relationships. This lesson that carries over when they enroll in school, possibly preventing the dreaded meeting between parent and instructor about a child’s lack of sharing ability.

These centres also help children learn to be self-sufficient, teaching them about life apart from their parents. This can help prepare them for the first few years of school, where the child may feel isolated from their parent. Many times children who do not have these experiences find it hard to say goodbye to their parents when they first enroll in school. Even knowing that they will be picked up at the end of the day is often not enough to console them.

Children also learn more about interacting with their age group in these centres. They learn that there are people with the same interests and ideas, teaching them that their ideas are valid. This is also a prime place for the seeds of competition to take root, urging children onward towards more complex developmental goals as they do not want to be left behind. Many parents find that problems with bed-wetting, tantrums, and inability to do small tasks like tying shoes will fade away as children spend more time with their peers.

Overall, time spent in child care centres is good for children and can be good for the parents as well. Learning to slowly let go and help your child navigate through the world can be hard, but knowing that it will help them develop can help. Ultimately, local care may be the best option for your child.

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